How it Works

In the future, there will be more need for doctors as people live longer due to new medicines. There are several ways to get in touch with a doctor without visiting a hospital or clinic, all thanks to technology. With the online facility available, you can consult with a doctor in the comfort of your home. Video call or book an appointment to avoid the long wait-time in just a few minutes.

  • Registration and Login Allows patients to easily construct their profiles. Simply download the app, create a profile, and you'll be set to find the best doctors in your area. You can use their phone number (OTP generated), social media (Facebook, Google), fingerprint (for Android phones), or Face ID to achieve it ( for iPhone).
  • Book Appointments / Video Consulting The user books the appointment for the house call or clinical visit using the app or opts for Online Video Consultation so that the doctor can examine patients, offering face-to-face communication.
  • Track The Progress The medical expert will send the patient notification and will arrive on time. The patient can track the Medical Practitioner in real-time and receive an estimated arrival time.
  • Rating and Review Patients can rate the consultation experience and provide a review of the doctor’s performance

Register Your Practice

Doctors have a hard time staying in touch with their patients over the phone. They can't always be online or in their chambers, which hampers their focus. With this App, you can stay in touch with patients at all times. It simplifies the appointment process, attracting more patients and increasing patient satisfaction. It enables you to provide a premium experience that increases revenue.

Registering Medical Appointments

This simple-to-use and highly scalable tool allow you to arrange appointments and video consultations in minutes from any smart device. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of doctors' non-availability and excessive wait times. This app allows you to schedule your medical visits at your leisure.

Quality Is The Key

Make as much money as you need by providing a service with us.

  • Make handsome money

    We never forget to take care of our providers. The Providers linked with our app can make money as much as they can. Providers can request for payout at every week.

  • Set your own schedule

    We never make pressure on the providers to provide a service according to our schedule. They are free and can provide a service according to their convenient schedule. Be the boss of your work.

  • Safety

    By using the latest technology we also focus on the safety of the providers. They are equally important as users. We make sure that both are satisfied with our platform.

Download App

Our On-Demand Doctor's App flaunts an advanced-level feature "Online Video Consulting that allows the patients to have face-to-face communication that works finely for both - doctor and patients.

Take a look at how well this App works.

  • White-labeling
  • Instant appointments
  • Browse and select doctors
  • Multiple languages/currencies
  • Phone or Video Consultation
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